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Current Residents

As an American University student living on campus, you may be affected by various deadlines and processes throughout the year. You have the opportunity to participate in various housing processes throughout the year, such as room changes and returning room selection. If you are planning to study abroad next semester or move off campus, you must complete the appropriate processes.

Disability Accommodations Request

American University is committed to ensuring access to university programs and activities for all qualified students with disabilities. Students should contact the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) to initiate requests for housing accommodations related to a documented disability. Some examples of accommodations that American University may provide include: visual fire/smoke alarms; wheelchair accessible housing; accessibility features in room, bathroom, or common areas; double or single room placement, and/or support animals. Housing accommodations are not generally provided for academic-related needs, and allergen-free or quiet living environments are not guaranteed.

All-Gender Housing

We offer all-gender housing as an option to ensure AU's Residence Life is a supportive space for students of all gender identities ad expressions. All-gender housing allows students to live with other students regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, or gender expression.

Gender-Based Consideration Request

Students who need housing considerations because of gender should complete the Gender-Based Housing Consideration Form on the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s website. Considerations may include access to affirming bathrooms, roommates, and room type.

Students Participating in Study Abroad

Students participating in Study Abroad for either the fall or spring semester will receive special instructions during each housing process. Please proceed to the individual process for details specifically for study abroad students.

Students in Temporary Triples

All students that have been placed into temporary triple rooms are automatically added to the de-triple list. De-tripling begins approximately two weeks into the semester, after the Course Add/Drop period.

We offer students the option de-triple based on deposit paid date; using the student with the earliest date for that room. Spaces are offered on a weekly basis as vacancies within a double room become available. Those students who are participating in a Living Learning Community (LLC) are restricted to vacancies that occur within their community. As de-tripling is heavily reliant on vacancies in double rooms, we do not have a way to predict when a student will receive an offer to de-triple.

Housing Cancellation and Termination

Students who apply to live on campus may cancel their application or their housing assignment at any time. Depending on the reason for cancelling and the date of cancellation, students may be subjected to associated fees. For a detailed explanation regarding housing cancellations and terminations, please review your Housing License Agreement (2019-2020).