Open Room Change

What is Room Change?

Any student who wishes to change rooms will need to submit a room change request on the AU Housing Portal.

Students can request a change to a specific building, a specific room, or a request to swap rooms with another student. In the case of a room swap, both students moving will have to apply for the swap to be approved. Be sure to review the academic year housing rates.

Room Change Process

Room Change Application

  • AU Housing Portal at 12 p.m. on Monday, January 27 and closes at 12 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7.  

  • Students can only submit one roommate request. If a student wants to submit a second request later in the semester, they must email to receive access to the form. 

Room Change Steps

  • Room changes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on space availability.  


  • Students that list "concern" as their room change reason are required to meet with their community director for room change approvals. 

  • Students that list “convenience” or “specific roommate request” as their room change reason will be forwarded directly to the Housing Assignments team for processing.  

  • Students receive new room assignments and moving instructions on predetermined Thursdays to move the same weekend.  
Move in dates for room changes
Notification Dates Move-in Dates
Thursday, 1/30 Friday, 1/31 - Sunday, 2/2
Thursday, 2/6 Friday, 2/7 - Sunday, 2/9
Thursday, 2/27 Friday, 2/28 - Sunday, 3/1
Thursday, 3/19 Friday, 3/20 - Sunday, 3/22
Thursday, 4/2 Friday, 4/3 - Sunday, 4/5
Thursday, 4/16 Friday, 4/17 - Sunday, 4/19


  • Students must respond to their confirmation email to cancel their room change.  

  • Students who do not receive a confirmation email on the predetermined Thursday will receive an update on the status of their room change request.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Students with a vacancy may receive a roommate at any time. Students who are assigned a new roommate will be notified no fewer than 24 hours prior to the student moving in to the room.

We will not force students into single rooms or charge for a vacancy within a room. Our office, however, may assign a new roommate anytime, including after the room change period.

The student who is moving will need to complete the room change and indicate the specific room they are requesting to move into. This will be discussed with their community director during the required meeting.

Roommate requests from a triple room to a double room will not be honored for first year students. The room change process will not be used as a means to de-triple.

Yes. LLC students may switch rooms within their program. Students cannot request to move to a different building, floor, or wing not associated with their community. Students also may not request to move from a temporary triple to a double room.

Students in the Washington Semester Program (WSP), or Washington Mentorship Program (WMP) are eligible to change rooms within their program.

In order to complete a room swap, both students wishing to change rooms must complete the room change application and indicate the specific room in which they wish to move.

Your billing will be prorated to reflect the cost difference for each room. This will cause either an increase or decrease in housing costs.

Example: if you moved from a double to a single, you will be charged for the number of days you were in the double and your cost will be adjusted to reflect the remainder of the semester in a single.

Yes. You can request a single room, however single rooms are very limited and are often full for the entire academic year. We can only offer single rooms on a first come first served basis as space is available. The majority of students requesting singles will not be able to receive an offer.

If you are in a double with a vacancy, you cannot opt to keep your room as a single. If you have a specific accommodation need for a single room, please reach out to Academic Support & Access Center for details on how to request a room accommodation.