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There are many ways to connect with AU research! Learn about externally sponsored awards from government agencies and foundations received by faculty to conduct impactful research. Listen to podcasts such as SIS Big World that shines a spotlight on complex ideas and issues that matter and Faculty Cross Talks that focuses on pandemic misinformation & inequalities. Follow us on Twitter for research highlights and upcoming events.

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The Office of Research has created a hub for all research related topics. Information on how to find funding, proposal development, proposal review and submission, award review, acceptance, and set-up, managing an award, conducting research, award close out, and training is available on this easy to use, searchable platform. Information on Research Central is divided into nine sections based on the lifecycle of the grant.

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man sick in bed holding head with translucent waves on top

Government & Politics ·

What is Havana Syndrome?

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Christopher Abanavas, Gordon Adams, Sophia Celeste Vos, Carl LeVan, Maren Lujan, Naomi Moland, Ammarah Rehman, Jesse Ribot, and Sally Shelton-Colby.

International ·

75 Years of Fulbright: How the Program Has Impacted the SIS Community

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Delande Justinvil

Research ·

The Mystery of a Lost African American Burial Ground in Georgetown

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Police officer

Research ·

SPA Scholars Reveal Merits of Body-worn Cameras to Hold Police Accountable

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Prof. Michael Alonzo

Research ·

When a Single Tree Makes a Difference

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