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School of International Service

Virtual Tour of the School of International Service, AU


Take a virtual tour of the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC. Learn more about the building that contributes so much to the vibrant community that is SIS.

Mashal Shabbir, Marie Fares, and Mayra Cuevas.

Research ·

SIS Faculty and Students Collaborate on International Research Projects

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Danya Hamad

Achievements ·

At Nineteen, Danya Hamad is Youngest-Ever SIS Master of International Relations Graduate

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Horace Bartilow

Announcement ·

Political Scientist Horace Bartilow Joins SIS in Fall 2021

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Christopher Abanavas, Gordon Adams, Sophia Celeste Vos, Carl LeVan, Maren Lujan, Naomi Moland, Ammarah Rehman, Jesse Ribot, and Sally Shelton-Colby.

International ·

75 Years of Fulbright: How the Program Has Impacted the SIS Community

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El Capitolio in Havana, Cuba.

International ·

Cuba's Historic Protests and US-Cuban Relations

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Listen now to the latest episode: Star Trek and Global IR

Learning About the Vastness of the IR Field

SIS professors taught IR with academic richness and very practical content.

SIS has been a huge value-add. I remember having professors who were high-level—one who was in the CIA and worked on the National Security Council staff for a while, another who headed up the Office of Management and Budget. And so, when I say value-add, that's what I mean. You're getting a glimpse of what this big field of international relations is.

Learn more about Anderson's career path, position in the Biden administration, and his time at SIS.

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