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Established in 1990, the Leadership Program prepares students to lead in public service.
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Welcome to the Certificate Program in Advanced Leadership Studies at the School of Public Affairs at American University! This program was launched in 1990 in order to offer students the experience, skills, and knowledge to prepare them for leadership roles in public service. Following a competitive application process, students complete the 15-credit course of study that culminates in a Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies.

The mission of the certificate program in advanced leadership studies at the American University School of Public Affairs is to empower students by providing the requisite leadership knowledge, skills and experiences needed to lead creative and generous lives in public affairs, with intelligence and compassion.

Our webpage details how the program takes students from the theory to the practice of leadership. Thank you for visiting.

Paul Christopher Manuel, Ph.D.
Director, School of Public Affairs Leadership Program & Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer
Program Overview

Building Social Capital

Social Action team

All members of the Leadership Program complete two social action projects designed to build social capital. These projects help each student understand how individual leadership functions in society; 'social' refers to the larger community, or society, and 'action' refers to individual decision-making, or agency.
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Leadership students in audience

John F. Kennedy speaking at American University

Bringing Leadership Theory to Practice

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." Quote from the speech that John F. Kennedy had planned to deliver in Dallas before his assassination on 22 November 1963.

Program Goals

Class of 2023 Numbers

42 Students Admitted

17 States, Cyprus, Sweden, & Guatemala

185 total leadership positions

32 Students employed while in school

37 enrolled in AP/IB Programs or Honor Society